Trikke Scooter Dealer in Lake Norman Trikke Scooter Dealer in Lake Norman
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Trikke service, training, and consultation


Our Cornelius Trikke store offers so much more than just a quick sale. Why buy online and get no service before or after the sale. Lake Norman Trikke has it all for the same price. No other dealer offers better service. Lisa and I will answer all your questions, and assist you in purchasing the right Trikke for you and your family.

Stop by our store, we'll teach you to ride a Trikke, and greatly reduce the learning curve, to start the fun now. We offer 7 Trikke models to choose from. We also offer a variety of accessories, parts and tools to outfit and maintain your Trikke. Whatever your needs, you will never be sorry you chose to visit Lake Norman Trikke.

Trikke Service and Training in Lake Norman.When your new Trikke arrives, it will be closely inspected. Tire pressure, proper adjustments to fit your body, and preparing the Trikke for your first ride is all part of our service. That means that it has been checked to be sure it is ready to ride. The brakes and the cables have been adjusted, where applicable, the disc rotors trued and calipers adjusted, the steering column bearings properly adjusted, and any other adjustments needed to make sure your Trikke is ready to ride.

Lisa and I are always here to help, whether it's a problem with your Trikke or a question about riding. We are only a phone call or quick visit away. Stop by our store anytime you need an adjustment or some new parts, or you just want to talk about Trikke's. We don't just sell the Trikke, we ride them too!










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Trikke Scooter Dealer in Lake Norman